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Hottest kitchen design trends for 2020

Andrew Biggs

| 1 min read

The new decade is only just beginning and many of us are keen to revamp our kitchens to prepare for the years ahead. If you’re wondering how to keep your kitchen looking sleek and modern for the foreseeable future, we’ve put together a few of the hottest new trends that you’re sure to fall in love with:

Trend #1: Zany materials

An increasing number of homeowners are using their kitchens to experiment with unusual materials. From metallic countertops to cabinets encased in leather, there are plenty of ways to embrace this trend and make your kitchen stand out from the crowd.

Trend #2: Green, green, and more green

As we enter the third decade of the twenty-first century, more people than ever before have taken an interest in environmental issues and the natural world. As a result, homeowners are starting to bring the essence of nature into their kitchens, allowing only sustainable materials into their home and painting their cabinetry various shades of gorgeous green. If you find yourself seduced by this trend, why not go even further and fill your kitchen with gorgeous plants and tasty homegrown herbs?

Trend #3: Mixing the old with the new

Whilst the 2010s were dominated by hyper-modern, minimalist kitchens, the 2020s are all about reintroducing elements of vintage style whilst retaining a contemporary feel. To achieve this look, you could, for example, combine sleek countertops mixed and cutting-edge kitchen gadgets with traditional cabinetry and an old wireless radio. This is a limitlessly flexible trend so have fun with it!

Trend #4: Separating kitchens from living rooms

Last decade saw a real surge in people breaking down the walls between their kitchens and their living rooms, usually in the form of a large open-plan space. Recently, however, people are starting to want their cooking area to be closed off from their living area. Whilst open-plan kitchens can give the illusion of having more space, they can end up making people feel more claustrophobic as they are forced to stay in one room for a wide range of purposes. Separating the kitchen from the living room can help to solve this issue. 

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