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Top 5 New Modern Kitchen Ideas

Andrew Biggs

| 2 min read

No longer are kitchens just where you cook that nutritional meal for the family. They have evolved to be a room for entertaining and being practical workspaces that function for more than one purpose. Early modern designs tried to force constraints within kitchens that reduced functionality. However, now we see open worktops with clean lines and reducing the ‘eye-sore’ along the way.

Modern dark bar designed and installed by Streamline

Below are our quick 5 simple rules for a timeless modern kitchen, get in touch with us if you require anymore help making sure your kitchen investment lasts a lifetime.

Rule #1 - Constant colours

Keep your kitchen colour consistent, try to remove colours that are non-complementary on the colour wheel. Instead reduce these colour conflicts and create a basic white colour scheme and add your own personal flair with strong neutral colour that are used sparingly throughout. A great tip for introducing these colours is to use your appliances and feature splash-back to gain attention.

Rule #2 - Handle with care

Not a fan of handles? Get rid of them completely or reduce them to small finger tabs. Gone are the days of long handles that just seem to introduce a box feeling to your kitchen. We no longer need cleats on our cabinetry to tie our boats on. Unless you are on a house boat? Hate handles even more and don’t want to even touch the kitchen doors, check out our suppliers for cabinets with automatic opening doors. click here

Rule #3 - Shelving those overheads

Unfortunately, we can’t all afford to live in a mansion today. You can still create a modern kitchen with a smaller floor plan. We would recommend removing or limiting Overhead cupboards that block light and creating a caved in feeling. Our suggestion would be to switch to open glass cabinets or for the extra brave add overhead shelving with LED lights under to bring a contemporary feeling to a smaller place

Modern bright hamptons-style kitchen

Rule #4 - Lights on

Low on Light? One great design feature is to flood the kitchen with more lighting. This can either be through natural light or artificial. When designing your kitchen and laying out the floor plan, watch where the sun light will enter the room throughout different times of the day. This way you can reduce shadows in your kitchen and create a bright more welcoming feel. If natural and overhead light would create too many dark areas in your kitchen, think about introducing under cabinetry LEDs. Reducing the amount of shadows in your kitchen will always be the easiest way to keep your investment modern and timeless.

Rule #5 - Don't do it alone

You don’t have to do it all alone! Get a professional to guide you through what they have seen others do (shameless contact us plug here). Use your cabinet maker to help design your dream modern kitchen with you and let them suggest different ideas that may be more suitable for your space. Sometimes what we envision isn’t always practical with the floor plan our old kitchen has left us. A great cabinet maker will listen to your concerns and try to design your kitchen to always be the perfect balance of trend, functionality and budget.

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