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Hampton or Shaker Style Kitchen?

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A kitchen — the heart of a home — is not only where you cook your favourite recipes or bake for leisure but is also a source for gatherings, enjoyment, and comfort. So why not adopt a stunning design trend, like the Hampton and shaker style, to transform your kitchen into a space that makes doing chores and cleaning up much more fun and relaxing? 

Whether it's inviting a celebration of coastal life or introducing holiday warmth to your everyday experiences, a Hampton & Shaker kitchen has got you covered. Let’s discover more! 

What Is A Hampton And Shaker Style Kitchen? 

A Shaker kitchen carries a classic look and a simple, minimalistic design with doors and cabinets made of recessed panels and framed profiles. A Hampton style, on the other hand, showcases a coastal beach style combined with a touch of class. 

When paired with the chic Shaker style, the light and bright Hampton style creates a sophisticated vibe, perfect for terraces, cottages, and modern homes, alike. 


How To Design A Hampton And Shaker Kitchen? 

A pared-back design with simple and elegant characteristics, such as clean lines and a timeless backdrop, is the perfect way to put together a stunning Hampton and Shaker kitchen. 

Below is a list of the prominent features you should look out for to perfect this beachy-style luxury kitchen. 

Light Colours 

The simplicity and calmness of light colours give a Hampton Shaker kitchen its relaxed vibe and decent look. Starting with a quiet tone also helps accentuate other bright hues added through, for example, patterned stools and navy splashbacks. 

Real Wood 

Free-standing and simple furniture pieces made of real wood or other natural materials are an essential element of Hampton Shaker kitchens. Depending on the overall vibe you’re looking to create, you can leave them natural or paint them with crisp white or whitewashed colours. 

The Right Architecture 

With any Hampton shaker kitchen design, there needs to be sufficient space for its bold architecture. Large cupboards and cabinets presenting recessed panels occupy wall space and surround the entire kitchen, with a kitchen island standing tall in the centre to cast the impression of a free-standing design (an important aspect of this style). 

Dark Floorboards 

To fully embrace a Hampton Shaker kitchen, opt for darker flooring options. This will create a visual contrast to put the panelled cabinets and marble benchtops into focus. 

While timber is a traditional pick, neutral tiles and timer-look vinyl can be used too. 

A Curved Mixer (Tap)

Tapware is another important feature in a Hampton Shaker-style kitchen. But unlike classic features, such as classic shaker cabinets, the tapware can go in a more modern direction. Feel free to head toward something more streamlined, like a matte black curved mixer that matches the cabinetry handles. Pair this with a gasp-worthy sink, and if the budget allows, go for a deep butler option to bring a sense of casual elegance to your luxury kitchen. 

Pro Tip: Having tapware and cabinetry handles in different colours is an odd choice and should be avoided. 

Statement Pendant Lights 

The contemporary elements introduced through, for example, kitchen handles reflect the Shaker style. To balance this out, classic elements, like pendant lights, can help you tap slightly into the traditional to enhance the feel of a Hampton kitchen. 

A good rule of thumb is to hang three of the same pendants over the kitchen island. It can include black metal lights with some glass or basically anything that resonates with your taste. 



What colour palette should I choose?

Although Hampton kitchens are often confused with whitewashed rooms, the space will really benefit from some contrast. Think of painting the walls in a soft grey hue to allow the white cabinetry to pop. If you want to go for white walls, consider introducing grey through other elements, such as adding veined marble countertops or painting the lower cabinets in grey. 

Should I go for black or chrome handles?

The answer to this question depends on the look you’re going for. Do you want to be more on the contemporary side, or are you looking for a more traditional look? The black is more contemporary, and the chrome is more classic. 

Which handle shape should I install? 

A common approach is to install small round or square knobs on the upper cabinets and D-shaped or pull handles on the lower ones. Cup pulls are also a popular choice in Hampton kitchens.



With its palette of soft neutrals focus on textural aspects, its bright, light spaces, and decorative touches, it's not hard to visualize why this beachy Hampton and Shaker kitchen style has stolen so many hearts. 

So, what are you waiting for? Pick your favourite ideas from the list, personalise them according to your needs, and start putting together a trendy kitchen now! 

Ready to build your new dream kitchen?